Barnacles on Barnacles on Barnacles

Since we have finished our first data collection we have started to work on one of our next protocols where we do counts of barnacle clearings and point counts based off of high definition photos taken at the plots.


Collecting the data is a lot less strenuous and involves a metal detector! I have never used a metal detector before because I always just thought it was for people who liked to kill time on the beach. But they actually work really well and helped a lot! We used it to locate the metal pins under large piles of algae without having to dig around and disturb the levels. After using one I secretly want to buy one myself and find random uses for it!


Our Barnacle Clearings
Mapping Out the Quadrats

After taking all of these pictures and finding the pins we were sent the pictures and got straight to work. The barnacle clearing counting took all of us more than 6 hours! Let’s just say that there was a lot of coffee and hot chocolate breaks during these counts. After that we started on the point counts where we identify what algae or invertebrate are at a given point on this grid that was placed onto of our photos. This didn’t take as long to count and was a nice break from counting thousands of barnacles. Even though this counting is very strenuous it is exciting to start analyzing the data we have been collecting over the pascouple days.


With all of this new data collection I am sure to be counting barnacles and algae instead of sheep when I go to bed tonight!






Some of Our Quadrats
The Men Finding The Next Quadrat


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